Why Is It Important to Have UL Approval?

Burns & McBride Home Security’s Central Station meets the requirements for UL-Approval to provide state-of-the-art service to its home security customers.

Why is UL Approval Important?

Underwriter’s Laboratories is a non-profit product safety certification organization. The UL Labs have been testing products and writing safety standard for more than 100 years. UL was originally founded by a group of insurance companies to test fire-rated building materials. Today, UL’s testing and certification have been expanded to an immense number of products and services throughout the world.

To be UL Certified a Central Monitoring station must have an on-site inspection every year by UL Inspectors. They are looking for: monitoring equipment that is in good working order, the construction of the building (i.e. fireproof walls; secure doors; second floor location; no outside windows), power supply security and redundancy, staffing and operating procedures.

A major UL requirement is that the Central Station and its staff must be solely dedicated to monitoring and monitoring only. Some non-UL companies also use their monitoring staff to run an answering service which helps to defray the expense of the station but can distract the dispatchers from the important task of monitoring and responding to alarms.

In order to offer you a discounted homeowners’ insurance policy, many insurance companies insist that all installed alarms be monitored and be monitored only by a Central Station which is UL approved.

In choosing who we would use as our Central Station, UL approval was critical.


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