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Home Security 101 – What is “Z-Wave”?

Z-Wave: The New Standard in Wireless Remote Control

Z-Wave makes any home a “smart home” – quickly, easily and affordably! Z-Wave is a wireless system that lets all your home electronics “talk” to each other, and to you, via remote control. It uses simple, reliable, low-power radio waves that easily travel through walls, floors and cabinets – sort of like a baby monitor. Z-Wave control can be added to almost any electronic device in your house, even devices that you wouldn’t ordinarily think of as “intelligent,” such as appliances, window shades, thermostats and home lighting.


Z-Wave ties all your home electronics into one integrated wireless network, with no complicated programming and no new cables to run. Any Z-Wave enabled device can be  added to this network, and many non-Z-Wave devices can be made compatible by simply plugging them into a Z-Wave accessory module. In seconds, your device gets joined to the network and can communicate wirelessly with other Z-Wave modules and controllers.

And Z-Wave lets you control these devices in ways that give you complete command even when you’re not at home yourself. You can control your Z-Wave household remotely from a PC and the Internet from anywhere in the world…even through your cell phone!

• Z-Wave Is Simple – Z-Wave control is easily added to almost any device in minutes. Simply plug the device you want to control into a Z-Wave module, and “join” it to your Z-Wave network!

• Z-Wave Is Modular – With Z-Wave, you can add as much or as little home control as you want over time.  You can add Z-Wave to a device, a room, a floor or the entire home, according to your needs and desires.

• Z-Wave Is Affordable – Unlike costly whole-home control systems that need special wiring and professional installation, Z-Wave is accessible and easy for the do-it-yourselfer.

• Z-Wave Is Powerful – Z-Wave’s intelligent mesh networking ‘understands” the present status of any enabled device, and gives you confirmation that your devices have received the automatic or manual control commands you want.

• Z-Wave Is Versatile – Z-Wave can be added to almost anything in your home that uses electricity, and gives you the power to control or monitor them from your home or away from home.

• Z-Wave Is Intelligent – Z-Wave enabled devices can work together as a team.  Have your garage door turn on your house lights when you come home. Have your door locks notify you when your children arrive home from school. Turn your downstairs lights off from upstairs.  Create your own intelligent control “scenes” with Z-Wave!

The Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system uses Z-wave technology to tie things like locks, thermostats and lights together so that you can control them whether you are home or away. To learn more about Burns & McBride’s Smart, Safe Home can help you – callus at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

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Try the Smart, Safe Home System For Yourself

As we’ve talked with homeowners, we’ve learned that there is no substitute for actually trying the Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system and finding out just what it can do.

Our technicians have put together a demonstration kit that we can bring to you. It shows you how the system can protect your home, lock and unlock doors, adjust the thermostat and even turn lights on and off.

The best thing is that you can run the system yourself and get the feel of how easy it is to use

Great job guys in putting this together

Call us today at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at We’ll be happy to schedule a time that’s convenient for you to actually try this system out.

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How Can You See The Smart, Safe Home System In Operation?

The Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system can do all sorts of things but at its core it provides affordable home security,  pays for the monthly monitoring cost with energy savings while not requiring any long term contracts.

We believe that the best way to understand how this system works is to spend 30 minutes actually using the system.

We’ve put together a demonstration kit that we can bring to anyone’s home. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn how the system can provide dependable home security for burglary, fire and carbon monoxide and also open and close doors, turn lights on or off by actually using the system. We think you will be as impressed as we are. with how simple it is to use

Call us today at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at We’ll be happy to visit at a time which is convenient for you

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The Heat’s Off – Now What?

Here’s a story from one of the few cold days we had this winter.

John was in Florida on business. While he was away, the heat went off in his home and the temperature inside began to fall

John has a Burns & McBride Safe, Smart Home system with its Smart Thermostat. We had set it up to notify him if the temperature in the house ever went below 45 degrees. As it got colder in the house, the temperature fell below 45 degrees. His Safe, Smart Home system noticed this and immediately sent him a text message that there was a problem.

John called Burns & McBride and we sent a technician right over to fix the problem. Since he had also installed a lock which was part of the Safe, Smart Home system, he was able to unlock the door from Florida and lock it again when our technician left!

It turned out to be a minor problem, easily fixed by our technician since we caught it in time. But if John had not called for service when he did, who knows what sort of damage could have occurred?

To find out more about this and other features of the Burns & McBride Smart Safe Home system call us at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

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