Saving Money on Energy This Summer

Our Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system can save you money on your energy bills this summer – and for years to come


With the warmer weather on us, people are switching their thermostats from “heat” to “cool.” We all know that the air conditioner is a killer when it comes to your monthly energy bills. You could probably get away with leaving a light on, maybe a fan but when your family leaves the home with the air conditioner running the entire time, you’re going to come home from your family vacation to a HUGE monthly bill and that’s no fun! As if family vacations weren’t expensive enough, the last thing you want to worry about is if you can afford to return home.

Burns & McBride is a leader in simple, affordable Home Automation. Our Smart, Safe Home System lets you remotely control your home from your cell phone, tablet or laptop.

Imagine if you will leaving your home for work in the morning while forgetting to turn off your coffee pot, hallway light or even the TV. No problem; pull out your phone, fire up the Safe, Smart Home app and turn them all off with only your thumb while stepping into your office 20 miles away. Yes, it’s that easy!

Energy Management
Remotely control your lights, thermostat, small appliances, large appliances and more with the click of a button through your iPhone or Adroid, iPad or tablet, laptop and even your work computer. Plus every time you arm your system, you can automatically raise or lower the thermostat with our exclusive energy management rules.

Savings to Smile
Most customers report an minimum average savings of $25 a month on their energy bill. Hot weather calls for air conditioning and with our Smart, Safe Home package you get a new thermostat that works seamlessly when controlled from your smart phone, tablet or even your laptop computer. Yes, you can control your thermostat from your cell phone while away from home.

Savings in Your Hands
It’s a hot one outside and you’ve been running errands ALL day long, now you’re looking forward to getting home and sitting in the air conditioning. You pull out your phone, access your thermostat from the  app and get the cool air flowing and ready for you while you drive home.

Playing Warden
You had to work late, and the kids are at home by themselves. They’re supposed to be doing homework instead they are on the XBOX 360 with their friends. You pull out your phone, access the TV / XBOX 360 from your Safe, Smart Home app and shut it all off. Next, give them a call at home and warn them that it’s now time to start their homework.

Added Bonuses
As if you needed another reason save money, the Safe, Smart Home package includes 24 hour Home Security. So not only are you controlling your lights, small appliances and the temperature of your home but you will also be able to control the cameras, the door locks and monitor it all from your phone, tablet or even your laptop.

About Burns & McBride

Our job is to provide essential services to homeowners. one of those essential services is home security and automation. We provide affordable home automation to help protect families, allow them to use energy more wisely and simplify their lives.The Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system uses Z-wave technology to tie things like locks, thermostats and lights together so that you can control them whether you are home or away. Burns & McBride has been providing essential home services since 1949. To learn more about Burns & McBride’s Smart, Safe Home can help you – callus at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

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