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Try the Smart, Safe Home System For Yourself

As we’ve talked with homeowners, we’ve learned that there is no substitute for actually trying the Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system and finding out just what it can do.

Our technicians have put together a demonstration kit that we can bring to you. It shows you how the system can protect your home, lock and unlock doors, adjust the thermostat and even turn lights on and off.

The best thing is that you can run the system yourself and get the feel of how easy it is to use

Great job guys in putting this together

Call us today at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at We’ll be happy to schedule a time that’s convenient for you to actually try this system out.

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How Can You See The Smart, Safe Home System In Operation?

The Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system can do all sorts of things but at its core it provides affordable home security,  pays for the monthly monitoring cost with energy savings while not requiring any long term contracts.

We believe that the best way to understand how this system works is to spend 30 minutes actually using the system.

We’ve put together a demonstration kit that we can bring to anyone’s home. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn how the system can provide dependable home security for burglary, fire and carbon monoxide and also open and close doors, turn lights on or off by actually using the system. We think you will be as impressed as we are. with how simple it is to use

Call us today at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at We’ll be happy to visit at a time which is convenient for you

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The Heat’s Off – Now What?

Here’s a story from one of the few cold days we had this winter.

John was in Florida on business. While he was away, the heat went off in his home and the temperature inside began to fall

John has a Burns & McBride Safe, Smart Home system with its Smart Thermostat. We had set it up to notify him if the temperature in the house ever went below 45 degrees. As it got colder in the house, the temperature fell below 45 degrees. His Safe, Smart Home system noticed this and immediately sent him a text message that there was a problem.

John called Burns & McBride and we sent a technician right over to fix the problem. Since he had also installed a lock which was part of the Safe, Smart Home system, he was able to unlock the door from Florida and lock it again when our technician left!

It turned out to be a minor problem, easily fixed by our technician since we caught it in time. But if John had not called for service when he did, who knows what sort of damage could have occurred?

To find out more about this and other features of the Burns & McBride Smart Safe Home system call us at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

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Home Security 101 – Never Come Home to a Dark House!

No one likes to walk into a dark house.

With the Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system you don’t have to. Our system uses a technology called “Z-Wave” to control the lights in your home!

Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control is easily included in your Smart, Safe Home system. Think of it as a system that allows you to use a hand-held remote to control overhead lighting, outdoor lighting, lamps, thermostats, and small appliances in your home! It looks like a normal on/off switch but it has been “smartened-up”. It includes a small radio which lets it use Z-Wave technology to be controlled by your Burns & McBride Go!Control.

Z-Wave is an exciting new technology for wireless home automation. Z-Wave was designed to allow various devices in your home to talk to one another regardless of the manufacturer, and to be controlled from devices like your Burns & McBride Go!Control or your Smartphone. No wires are needed. You control indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, appliances and more with this easy-to-install and customizable system.

Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Controls—like all lighting controls—promote energy savings by fine-tuning usage. Turn on only what you need, when and where you need it, all at the touch of a button.

Z-Wave-certified products are compatible across all brands and are designed to work properly alongside most wireless home computer networks.

By the way, no matter how many lights you decide to control, there is no change in your monthly monitored fee.

We can design your new Smart, Safe Home system to turn on a light when you disarm the system.That way when you’re standing on the driveway and opening the back door, the lights are on and you are not walking into a dark house!

For more information on this exciting technology, call us at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

Product Details:The Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control On/Off Switch enables wireless control of on/off functions of hard-wired incandescent, LED, xenon, halogen and fluorescent lighting. The on/off switch replaces your current light switch, uses your existing wiring and provides Z-Wave wireless and in-wall control of overhead lighting. The contemporary switch includes a blue LED indicator light to easily locate the switch in a dark room. It features a gloss white finish that matches modern wall plates.Features:

  • Wirelessly control on/off functions of overhead lighting
  • Provides Z-Wave wireless and manual control
  • LED indicator light allows easy location of switch in dark room
  • Requires in-wall installation with hard-wired connections
  • Easily connects using existing wires
  • Capable of controlling compact fluorescent lighting

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New Energy Saving Thermostat Feature

We’re excited to let you know about a new, free energy-saving feature of the Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system. Now you can program your thermostat according to the actual activity patterns in your home, not just your best guesses. This lets your Smart, Safe Home system to be much smarter because it now understands your home’s day to day activity patterns.

To get started, access the new Smart Schedule Activity Patterns feature on the Thermostats page of your personal Burns & McBride online account. Simply check the box marked “Smart Schedule Activity Pattern” found on both the Heat and Cool Schedules tabs to see your daily activity patterns overlaid on your thermostat schedule. Then you can easily set the most energy efficient schedule by updating the temperature and times to match the likelihood of someone being at home each day of the week

This is just one more way that the Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system helps you to manage and control your home. For more information, call us at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

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Top 2012 Trend: Low-Cost, Self Contained Home Automation.Security Systems

A recent article in CE-Pro magazine identified the top trend in home security systems to be Low Cost, Self Contained Home Automation/Security systems like the ones installed by Burns & McBride as part of their Safe, Smart Home System.

CE Pro magazine is the leading trade publication for professionals involved in the custom electronics business. Their readers specify and sell technology-related products to homeowners, homebuilders and SMB (small/medium business) owners. CE Pro is the only trade magazine that covers the gamut of electronic systems.

Burns & McBride has been providing critical services to Delaware homeowners since 1949. Our unique Safe, Smart Home system combines the benefits of 24/7 home security with energy savings to help pay for it.

Call us today at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at for more information. We can arrange a brief demonstration of the system so you can decide for yourself if it would be of value to you and your family.

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Simple, Affordable Home Automation

According to Energy Star, the average annual energy bill for a typical single family home is approximately $2,200 – 58 percent of which is dedicated to heating, cooling and lighting. The good news for homeowners seeking to reduce this significant expense is that a  Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system is an easy and convenient way cut your energy bill.  Not only can you control lights, locks and thermostats remotely from a computer or smartphone but they can also set up schedules to make their homes smarter and conserve energy at the same time.

With advanced triggers and rules features, consumers can define custom settings that connect their security system to their locks, lights, and other automation devices. Here are three key ways consumers can utilize their home energy controls and leave planning anxiety behind:

 1.    See the light

By integrating home automation with a security system, it’s simple to turn your lights on and off from afar or just have a home control the lights itself. Set up custom rules and schedules based on other activity at home like alarms, arming events or sensor activity. For example, when a family member comes home and disarms the security system, the light in the front hallway can be set to turn on automatically, adding a layer of security and comfort to the nightly routine of entering a home. Or, if activity is detected by motion sensors upstairs, the upstairs lights can be set to turn on automatically as well.

If conserving energy is a priority for you,  create light schedules based on specific routines such as the bedroom and living room lights turning on when they wake up at 6:30am on weekday mornings and turning off at 8:00am when you head out for the day or leave for work. For additional protection on top of a security system, you can automate the lights to turn on and stay on for thirty minutes if a security alarm is triggered.

2.    Lock it up

Home automation solutions can also assist in locking and unlocking doors in your home. One useful application is setting a security system to disarm automatically if the front door is unlocked.  Or, if you know when a guest or the contractor will be stopping by, set up unique lock codes for them and have the security system disarm only if those specific codes are used to unlock a door. Plus, be notified vial text message or e-mail of this activity. Finally, for added peace of mind, lock one door lock and have that action trigger the rest of the door locks in a home to lock simultaneously.

3.    Know what’s cool

Do you know what’s cool? Integrating not just lights and locks into security system settings, but also your thermostat. What’s really cool is that with just one click to arm the security system and all the lights in a home can turn off, the thermostat can cool the house down and all the doors can lock. Just like that – 1, 2, 3, 4 steps in one click.

Versatile home automation schedules and powerful security rules can do more than make life easy; they can help you stay secure and stay connected while running a home more efficiently and simplifying daily routines. While out and about choosing your day-to-day activities, the home will be busy making automated choices of its own. Smarter energy decisions and convenient, customizable control of lights, locks and thermostats are within reach.

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