About Us

We have smart phones and smart cars, but smart homes have seemed out of the reach of the average person. But now new technology coupled with our 62 years of experience in home services has brought affordable, home management to the public.

Burns & McBride is pleased to introduce the most technologically advanced security and yet affordable home automation solution available.

Taking advantage of the experience we’ve gained in home comfort since 1949, our Smart, Safe Home System protects your family from life safety emergencies such as fire or burglary, controls your heating and cooling system to help to reduce your energy bills with “Smart” thermostats and lets you manage your home remotely. Our state-of-the-art system offers you the versatility and peace of mind you need to secure your home and protect your budget with the touch of a button – even from your mobile phone.

Simply More than Security

As a Burns & McBride home security customer you’ll enjoy all of these valuable benefits:

  • Simple, affordable technology saves money on your energy bills and provides 24/7 security monitoring
  • Home automation – You can remotely control your thermostats, lights and other appliances to minimize your energy use, so that the energy savings can pay for the system!
  • Around-the-clock 24/7 monitoring by one of the country’s leading central stations with a 60 second response time for emergencies like fire, burglary or carbon monoxide
  • Remote Security – You can control your system and receive real time notifications about activity in your home from almost anywhere, even your mobile phone
  • Savings of up to 10% on your homeowner’s insurance premiums
  • Text messages for things like doors opening or closing (know when the kids got home from school)
  • Monitored Heating and Cooling Sensors – Your system automatically notifies us of heating or air conditioning problems, even if you aren’t home. As a home security customer, you move to the top of the list, and the next available qualified technician will be sent to remedy the problem.
  • No long term contract required

This blog has been designed to explain just what the Smart Safe Home system can do and how it can help your family. We hope you find it helpful.

Just like the smart phone is changing and adding new applications every day – these systems are changing too. By following this blog, we will keep you up on the exciting changes that are coming through every day!


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