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Home Security 101 – What is a Door/Window Sensor?

Every monitored home alarm system starts with the wireless door/window sensor. Your basic Smart/Safe Home package contains three of them. The technology goes back almost a hundred years, and over a hundred million of these devices are in use, with over a million more installed every year, just in US homes. There’s an excellent reason why this device is the core of any good alarm system: intruders invariably try to enter through a door first. Burglary entry stats look like this:

  • 34% of burglars enter through the front door
  • 26% enter through a back or basement door
  • 9% enter through the garage

That’s almost three quarters of all burglaries starting with a door – now you see why the layout of every good home alarm system starts with exterior doors  The intruder wants an easy entry- and a fast and easy exit, ideally with an armload of your stuff.

How the Door/Window Sensor Works

The standard door sensor is a battery powered magnetic switch and consists of two small parts: one part mounts on the top of the door frame (on the opposite side from the hinge), and the smaller part (the magnet) is placed in close proximity on the door itself. When the door is shut, the two pieces are within a half inch of each other, and your alarm system can be armed. When the door opens, and the pieces are separated, that triggers the alarm. It’s simple, and it works like a charm. . There are even recessed door/window sensor sif you don’t want to see the sensors at all. Here are some more telling stats:

  • 12% of burglaries occur through an unlocked door.
  • 41% of burglaries in homes with alarm systems occur when the security system is not turned on.

Each home is different and you may want to add more than three to your system. Your Burns & McBride Smart Safe Home System is easy to add additional sensors to.

In addition to sending emergency notifications for break ins, these units can also be programmed to send you messages if items such as liquor cabinets are opened while you are way.

Magnet dimensions
  • Width: 0.435″
  • Height: 1.3″
  • Depth: 0.312″
Sensor dimensions and weight
  • Width: 1.03″
  • Height: 2.59″
  • Depth: .49″
  • Weight (including battery and magnet): 1.1 oz. (31.2 g)

Regulatory Listing(s)

  • ETL, FCC Part 15, Industry Canada
  • Fully supervised
  • Five-year lithium battery
  • Tamper–proof
  • Reed sensitivity: 0.625″ minimum gap, 0.85″ typical
  • Non-emergency alerts: Protect what matters—attach the contacts to liquor closets, gun cabinets or even treat drawers and get alerted by text message when they are opened
  • Small gap alert: Feel secure knowing that the smallest opening will trigger an alarm— the door or window has to be open less than inch before you are alerted or the alarm sounds
  • Fully monitored: Get connected to the Burns & McBride central monitoring station in as few as 17 seconds
  • Tamper–proof: Know when someone is trying to tamper with your alarm
  • Wireless signal range
  • 350 ft., open air, with 2GIG Wireless Alarm Control Panel
  • Transmitter Frequency
  • 345.000 MHz (crystal controlled)
  • Transmitter Frequency Tolerance
  • ± 15 kHz
  • Transmitter Bandwidth
  • 24 kHz
  • Modulation Type
  • Amplitude Shift Keying—On/Off Keying (ASK-OOK)
  • Peak Field Strength
  • Typical 36,000 uV/m at 3m
  • Material
  • ABS plastic
  • Color
  • White
  • Operating temperature
  • 32° to 120°F (0° to 49°C)
  • Relative Humidity
  • 5-95% Non-Condensing
  • Unique ID Codes
  • Over one (1) million different code combinations
  • Supervisory Interval
  • 70 minutes
  • Lifetime
Included equipment and accessories
  • Battery (installed)
  • Two (2) Panasonic CR2032, or equivalent Lithium batteries
  • Included Accessories
  • Two (2) Phillip’s flat-head screws, one (1) two-pin connector with a 12″ flying 2-wire lead, adhesive strip

For more information on this exciting product call us at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at http://www.burnsandmcbride. Finally you might want to follow our blog at http://www.burnsandmcbrideblog.com. Just as Smartphones are adding applications and changing every day so to with the technology behind our Smart, Safe home system. Our blog explains some of the constantly changing things that are happening in the industry and we hope that you find it informative.

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Home Management 101 – What is a “Smart” Thermostat?

Where does a smart thermostat fit in a home automation system?

Your thermostat: A gateway to savings.

Home energy management starts with the thermostat. In the U.S., more than 8 percent of energy consumption is controlled by the thermostat.

Most homes these days have a programmable thermostat. In fact, 40 percent of existing homes use programmable thermostats while almost 100 percent of new homes have them installed. But that doesn’t mean that people are taking advantage of them. There is one major reason for that: Programming a thermostat is easier said than done.

Program? I just turn it on and off…

For over 60 years we have providing heating and cooling service. Our experience tells us  that a majority of programmable thermostats are left in manual mode. Many homeowners tell us that they rarely or never change the program (kind of defeating the purpose of a programmable thermostat). So if you’re like most people and you’re not taking advantage of your programmable thermostat they way you could, what can you do about it?

Here at Burns & McBride Home Comfort we have a solution. It’s a Honeywell “Smart” thermostat. It’s similar to a programmable thermostat, but with one key difference: Every time you leave your home it is smart enough to turn the heat off.

What makes a Smart Thermostat smart?


Your Honeywell “Smart” thermostat is connected to the Internet through your Burns & McBride Go!Control. Having your thermostat connected to the Internet through our interactive website keeps things simple.

Through Internet access or your smart phone, you can control your heating and cooling whether you are at home or away. It only takes a few seconds to set up a schedule based on government-approved Energy Star heating and cooling programs. And you can do it all through your Burns & McBride Home Comfort online account.

  • The smart thermostat communicates with your Burns & McBride Home Comfort home security system. When you arm that system, the smart thermostat can automatically raise or lower the temperature. The thermostat adjusts to your schedule; not the other way around.
  • Every time you leave home and arm your system, it will turn the thermostat back! When you return and disarm the system, it returns to the original settings.
  • You will even receive a text or email notification if the temperature in your home crosses a high or low temperature threshold. In’t it better to know that you have a problem with the heater at 10 in the morning rather than finding out at 6 in the evening when you get home from work?


Having a simple way to manage your energy saves you money.

  • Simply using a smart thermostat will save energy and save you money. Reducing the temperature on your thermostat a few degrees when you are sleeping or away will save money over time.
  • When using government-recommended Energy Star heating and cooling schedules, you can expect to save around $30 a month.

Smart thermostats may seem like a small thing, but at the end of the day, they make a huge difference. They are one of the simplest ways to manage your energy consumption and save money.

Burns & McBride Home Comfort’s Energy Management Package

Do you have a Smart Thermostat? The Honeywell “Smart” Thermostat is a standard feature on our Smart, Safe Home System. Call us today at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at http://www.burnsandmcbride.com to learn more.

For more information on this exciting product call us at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at http://www.burnsandmcbride. Finally you might want to follow our blog at http://www.burnsandmcbrideblog.com. Just as Smartphones are adding applications and changing every day so to with the technology behind our Smart, Safe home system. Our blog explains some of the constantly changing things that are happening in the industry and we hope that you find it informative.

Honeywell Model TH8320ZW Thermostat Specifications and Features

  • Automatic Heating/Cooling Changeover : Y
  • Backlit : Yes
  • Batteries Included : No
  • Battery Back-Up : Yes
  • Battery Operated : No
  • Color Family : Whites
  • Daylight Savings Time Ready : Yes
  • Display height (in.) : 2.5
  • Display width (in.) : 3.75
  • ETL Listed : No
  • Energy Star Compliant : No
  • Lockable : Yes
  • Manufacturer Warranty : 1 year limited warranty
  • Number of HVAC Zones : 1
  • Periods per Programmable Day : 4
  • Product Depth (in.) : 1.25
  • Product Height (ft.) : 4.5
  • Product Width (in.) : 6
  • Removable Interface : Yes
  • Returnable : 90-Day
  • Shape : Rectangle
  • Thermostat Type : Heating and Cooling
  • Touch Screen : Yes
  • UL Listed : N-No UL Code Rating
  • Vacation Mode : Yes
  • Voltage Rating : 24
  • Remotely monitor and control your thermostat from anywhere
  • Universal scheduling – can be configured to meet virtually any scheduling requirement: selectable 7-day programmable, four daily periods, cancel unneeded periods, selectable non-programmable
  • Universal application – works on virtually any heating or cooling system type
  • Heating and cooling energy savings set points allows the homeowner to put the thermostat into an energy savings mode from other Z-Wave devices
  • Easily integrates with other Z-Wave enabled home automation devices
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit display
  • Includes wire saver module – allows for installation in homes that do not have a common wire (typically connected to the “C” terminal)
  • Automatic change from heat to cool option
  • Menu driven programming – guides the user through the programming process only showing necessary information and choices on each screen
  • Smart response technology for maximum comfort control
  • Battery and filter change/check reminders
  • Real time clock – Keeps time during a power failure and will automatically update the time for daylight savings
  • No batteries required
  • MFG Brand Name : Honeywell
  • MFG Model # : TH8320ZW
  • MFG Part # : YTH8320ZW1007/U

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