Can I control my system from the second floor?


Maybe you hear a noise in the middle of the night and want to call the police. Or maybe you want to turn the heat up or down, without going downstairs.

We are pleased to announce the availability of our new Smart, Safe Home Secondary Panel, which enables increased accessibility to the smart home features managed through the Go!Control panel, the heart of our home automation system. based on the award winning GO!Control panel, we can locate this device anywhere in your home to give you easier access to the system.

  • Panels Supplement Main Go!Control Panel and Mobile App Offering to Increase Users’ Ability to Manage Their System
  • Up to Four Secondary Panels Can be Strategically Placed Throughout the Home, Including in Bedrooms, Home Offices and Other Rooms

Our customers will now have the option for increased access to their system’s functions through these secondary, in-home touch-screen control panels, which can be placed strategically throughout the home, giving users additional points of access. Features of the secondary panels include:

  • One touch arm/disarm alarm capabilities
  • The ability to see and hear system statuses
  • Lighting and appliance control
  • Thermostat control
  • Alert notifications
  • Date, time and weather display

Our Go!Control system gives customers the ability to easily manage every aspect related to their home’s automation system. We also have a mobile app that allows our customers to stay connected to their system no matter where they are. However, we heard from several users who thought that when they were at home, having all those features centralized in one control panel wasn’t always convenient.

Users can have up to four of the  Secondary Panels installed, in a customized configuration that best addresses the needs of each unique situation.

Our job is to provide essential services to homeowners. one of those essential services is home security and automation. We provide affordable home automation to help protect families, allow them to use energy more wisely and simplify their lives.

About Burns & McBride

The Burns & McBride Smart, Safe Home system uses Z-wave technology to tie things like locks, thermostats and lights together so that you can control them whether you are home or away. Burns & McBride has been providing essential home services since 1949. To learn more about Burns & McBride’s Smart, Safe Home can help you – callus at 302-656-5110 or visit our website at

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